Program Summary

🌴 Embark on a Sun-Soaked Adventure at Hotel Greystone Miami Beach! 🌴

Hey future hospitality maestros! ☀️ Ready to dip your toes in the refreshing world of Miami's vibrant hospitality scene? Dive into an unforgettable journey with Greystone Miami Beach, where Art Deco charm marries modern luxury right in the heart of Miami's iconic South Beach!
🏖️ A Prime Slice of Paradise! 🏖️
Located just moments away from the shimmering sands and turquoise waves, Greystone isn't just a hotel – it's a Miami Beach landmark. Live and work amidst the radiant sun, lively streets, and the contagious Miami spirit.
🌱 A Year of Transformation and Growth 🌱
Step up your game with a 12-month commitment, diving deep into our food & beverage department. At Greystone, we're not just about teaching; we're about immersing you in an ocean of knowledge and hands-on experience.
📚 Passion Meets Experience 📚
Are you currently navigating the seas of a university hospitality degree? Or do you have a treasure of five years of experience in the hospitality realm? Chart your course to Greystone Miami Beach, where we're on the lookout for stars like you!
🚀 Dive Into Endless Opportunities! 🚀
  • Benefit from robust, immersive training designed to mould future leaders.
  • Connect and collaborate with industry experts and passionate peers.
  • On your days off? The vibrant Miami life awaits – from salsa beats to gourmet treats!
🔥 Your Dream Miami Experience Begins Here! 🔥
At Greystone Miami Beach, it's more than just work; it's a lifestyle. So, come with your ambition, and your dreams, and let's make waves together in the heart of Miami!


Let Yummy Jobs take you on an amazing adventure to Miami ... #MYYUMMYSTORY

Program Highlights: Elevate Your F&B MIT Program at the Greystone Hotel, Miami! 🍹🌴

Pay rate: $22 ph
  • Dine in Style: Command the floor of a swanky fine dining restaurant, where elegance meets culinary artistry.
  • Mentorship Magic: Play a pivotal role in shaping the future by training newbies on the art of impeccable service, techniques, and the perfect jargon.
  • Sip & Sell: Dive deep into the world of spirits! Boost your expertise with hands-on experience in liquor and wine sales.
  • Lead with Flair: Master the art of leadership in a vibrant, education-centric setting. It's not just about managing; it's about inspiring!
  • Purposeful Positioning: Embrace a role that's more than just a job. Assist in orchestrating the F&B functions, ensuring top-tier quality and service.
  • Profit with Panache: Join the elite F&B committee, brainstorming innovative strategies to drive revenue and elevate Greystone's dining experience to legendary status.
Employee incentives: Paid time off and holiday pay

Participants in this program will be required to obtain a J-1 Intern or Trainee visa through Yummy Jobs and will be able to train for a period of time as outlined by Hotel Greystone. Upon completion of the program, participants will have up to 30 days to travel within the United States. Participants must then return to their home country upon completion of the program.
Hotel Greystone in Miami is not just a luxurious oceanfront resort but a personal sanctuary where the grandeur of Miami's beachfront luxury is tailored just for you. From its inception in 1939, Hotel Greystone has been a beacon of South Beach's iconic art deco style, with its distinctive ziggurat roofline, rounded corners, and signature porthole windows—elegant vestiges of a time gone by.
Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat on your private terrace, a sun-soaked day on Miami's pristine shores, or a night of vibrant exploration culminating with crafted cocktails at the Greystone Bar, Hotel Greystone ensures every moment is nothing short of sensational.
Choose your own adventure within the hotel's confines: indulge in the fusion of flavours at our signature French-Japanese restaurant, grab a quick bite at our Courtyard Café, or elevate your relaxation at our rooftop pool and bar. And when the call of the beach beckons, enjoy full access, complete with two beach chairs, ensuring your seaside sojourn is as comfortable as it is memorable. Dive into the rich history of Miami's art-deco era while basking in the contemporary luxuries that Hotel Greystone has to offer.
Whilst taking part in this program the participant will be responsible for sourcing their own housing, we can provide resources on where to look. 
  • Applicants will be required to attend a pre-screen interview via video call with a member of the Yummy Jobs Team to be considered.​
  • If successful, applicants will be required to attend a final interview with Hotel Greystone's HR Team via video call.
​Please note, all dates are subject to change