Program Summary

🌟 Elevate Guest Experiences with Your Expertise at The Moore, Miami! 🌴

Attention all hospitality virtuosos with a passion for perfection! 🍽️✨ Step into the heartbeat of Miami's most distinguished destination – The Moore – and showcase your prowess in housekeeping and F&B management.
🏰 An Iconic Space Awaits Your Touch 🎨
Nestled in the Miami Design District's historical 1920s Moore building, this monumental venue spans nearly 90,000 square feet, exuding an aura of art, history, and cutting-edge hospitality. At The Moore, the stage isn't just set, it's adorned with the mesmerizing work of the legendary Zaha Hadid – the Elastika.
🍴 Culinary & Beverage: Crafting Gastronomic Tales 🥂
Be at the helm of an all-day dining marvel on the ground floor, while ensuring that every corner, from the members-only bars to the plush private dining spaces, shines brilliantly and radiates luxury.
🛎️ Housekeeping Mastery: Ensuring Spotless Elegance 🪞
Your prime arena will be overseeing the immaculate presentation of all spaces, ensuring every corner whispers comfort and luxury. From assisting the front desk in ensuring seamless guest transitions to collaborating closely with multiple teams, your touch will ensure The Moore remains the epitome of perfection.
🔐 Safety, Security, and Unmatched Service 🔐
With security oversight and guest experience enhancement at the heart of your responsibilities, you'll play an integral role in ensuring every guest feels both pampered and secure.
💡 Lead, Learn & Grow with WoodHouse 💡
Under the aegis of the pioneering WoodHouse, immerse yourself in an ecosystem known for its trailblazing gastronomic and hospitality ventures. From Dallas to Miami, you'll be amidst the best, shaping the future of hospitality.
🔎 Your Role: More than Just Management 🔍
Steer the ship with your proven track record in upscale hospitality. From managing inventory to fostering a positive work environment, you'll be the linchpin ensuring everything runs like clockwork. Plus, with your flexibility, organizational prowess, and problem-solving skills, you'll be primed to face and conquer every challenge, ensuring our guests always have an extraordinary experience.
🌆 Embark on a Journey in Miami's Architectural Marvel 🌆
Join us at The Moore, and let's craft unforgettable stories together, making every guest's stay an epitome of luxury and perfection!


Let Yummy Jobs take you on an amazing adventure to Miami ... #MYYUMMYSTORY

For this program, we are looking for three core divisions:
  • Elastika Restaurant F&B MIT - Pay salaried $60k
  • Club Restaurant F&B MIT - Pay salaried $60k
  • House Manager Assistant MIT - Pay salaried $60k


Program Highlights: Elevate Your Culinary Journey as the F&B Manager at The Moore, Miami! 🍸🌴

  • Iconic Destination: Step into The Moore, a landmark in Miami's Design District, blending history with modern luxury, and be a part of its vibrant culinary scene.
  • Guest Guru: Champion the art of hospitality, ensuring every guest leaves with memories of impeccable service and unmatched attention to detail.
  • Lead with Passion: Guide a dynamic front-of-house team, from servers to bartenders, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration.
  • Michelin Aspirations: Contribute to The Moore's vision of becoming a Michelin-recognized dining destination, setting the gold standard in Miami's culinary scene.
  • Operational Maestro: Seamlessly synchronize the dance between the kitchen and the dining area, ensuring a flawless dining experience for every guest.
  • VIP Virtuoso: Cultivate lasting relationships with VIP guests, ensuring their unique preferences are catered to, making every visit special.
  • Beverage Buff: Oversee a premium beverage inventory, collaborating with top-tier suppliers to ensure the finest drinks are always on offer.
  • Culinary Collaboration: Work hand-in-hand with the culinary team, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavours, presentation, and service.
  • Continuous Growth: With regular training sessions, keep your team at the forefront of menu knowledge, wine pairings, and luxury service standards.
  • Join the Trendsetters: Be a part of a community that doesn't just follow trends but sets them, in an environment that values innovation and individuality.


Program Highlights: Step into the World of Luxury Hospitality as the Assistant House Manager at The Moore, Miami! 🌟🌴

  • Housekeeping Hero: Dive deep into the art of immaculate presentation, ensuring every corner of The Moore, from guest rooms to public spaces, radiates luxury.
  • Safety Sentinel: Collaborate with the security team, ensuring a safe haven for guests, staff, and the hotel's prized assets.
  • Front Desk Dynamo: Aid in creating seamless guest experiences, from smooth check-ins to efficient handling of requests, ensuring every guest feels valued.
  • Guest Whisperer: Anticipate and address guest needs, playing a pivotal role in crafting unforgettable stays and experiences at The Moore.
  • Mentor & Motivator: Lead the way in training new staff across various departments, instilling in them the values of excellence, safety, and impeccable guest engagement.
  • Operational Orchestrator: Streamline daily tasks, ensuring a harmonious flow of operations across housekeeping, security, and front desk activities.
  • Inventory Innovator: Keep a keen eye on essential supplies, ensuring The Moore is always stocked and ready to cater to every guest's whim.
  • Collaborative Champion: Work hand-in-hand with the House Manager and department heads, ensuring a symphony of operations that resonates with luxury.
  • Communication Connoisseur: Foster open communication, ensuring every team member is aligned, informed, and motivated towards a common goal.
  • Trendsetter Territory: Be part of a community that's not just on-trend but ahead of it. At The Moore, your innovative ideas and contributions aren't just welcomed; they're celebrated.


Participants in this program will be required to obtain a J-1 Intern or Trainee visa through Yummy Jobs and will be able to train for a period of time as outlined by The Moore. Upon completion of the program, participants will have up to 30 days to travel within the United States. Participants must then return to their home country upon completion of the program.
The Moore stands out as one of Miami's most iconic landmarks. Constructed during the 1920s Florida Land Boom by the esteemed architect, entrepreneur, and financier David P. Davis, this Neoclassical-style structure was established on the grounds of a former pineapple plantation. Originally intended to function as both a furniture showroom and a warehouse for Moore and Sons, the building's enduring impact extended over the next century, significantly shaping the evolution and aesthetics of the neighbouring area.
The Moore's Club is meticulously crafted to offer its members a versatile and immersive journey, featuring unique culinary experiences, thoughtfully curated events, and a diverse range of opportunities for social, intellectual, and cultural exploration.
Within our refined setting, three levels of exclusive amenities cater to the interests our community holds dear: the arts, culture, fine dining, wines, entertainment, and meaningful social interactions.



Nestled beneath Zaha Hadid's captivating installation, Elastika, The Moore's restaurant assumes the role of the Miami Design District's welcoming centrepiece. While it warmly welcomes the public, the restaurant also extends a lively invitation from The Moore to its neighbouring community. In this delightful space, the realms of fine art and culinary mastery converge within a relaxed and inviting ambience. Drawing inspiration from the laid-back charm of bistro-style dining, our all-day eatery perfectly suits occasions ranging from morning business meetings to romantic evening dinners.

The Executive Office

A refined and advanced solution to shared workspaces, The Workplace at The Moore is adorned with a selection of exclusive, rentable private offices, dedicated workstations, and communal areas. These spaces are meticulously designed to cater to a curated group of accomplished professionals, forward-thinkers, and creative business minds.


The Rabbit Hole

An eloquent quaint bar where late-night seduction meets speakeasy cool, step into our hidden-away enclave for cocktails and maybe a little mischief.


The Hotel

Whether you're planning a brief weekend getaway or a prolonged visit, The Hotel at The Moore seamlessly combines privacy and exclusivity with convenient access to the building's prominent social, cultural, and dining offerings. Infused with an elegant residential charm, our suites are more than just accommodations; they serve as your refined Miami haven — a space to relax, entertain, reside, and indulge.
The Light Garden

Bathed in natural sunlight and exclusively tailored for members, The Moore's central atrium functions as a secluded and shared focal point of The Club.


The Club

The essence of The Club at The Moore is rooted in its exceptional community — a varied collection of individuals and companions who unite under a shared enthusiasm for the arts, exploration, fashion, design, media, technology, literature, science, business, sports, and education. Globally inspired and culturally informed,
The Moore comes to life with a dynamic mix of programming and unparalleled access to all that is next in the worlds of art, fashion, design and beyond. Focussing on four pillars:
  • Wellness
  • Events + Programming
  • Reciprocal Clubs
  • Brand Partnerships
Whilst taking part in this program the participant will be responsible for sourcing their own housing, we can provide resources on where to look. 
  • Applicants will be required to attend a pre-screen interview via video call with a member of the Yummy Jobs Team in order to be considered.​

  • If successful, applicants will be required to attend a final interview with The Moore's Team via video call.

​Please note, all dates are subject to change